After the weekend the weather has made a dramatic improvement. 21 degrees today. I have enjoyed two Zoom gym sessions in the garden. They don't work for everyone; we have had bee stings, wireless drop-out, excessive machinery noise (who'd have though it?). I feel better jumping around the garden rather than the lounge.

The traffic noise is slowly creeping up, as people start to drive again. I gather there are more shops open now, though I have not left the house other than go to the allotment all week.

I have been filling my time with DIY projects. Today I have lined the bedroom cupboards which sit against an outside wall. I hope to be able to make them a little less cool and damp in winter. We also did quite a bit of re-painting last week.

Politically, the President of USA is still making the most ridiculous comments, and the UK government is suggesting it may make a positive sometime in the next few days. The UK government has confirmed Furlough payments will not continue at the current level after three months. That could be interesting; businesses that have only survived beacuse of those payments could suddenly disappear.

All British Gymnastics events have been cancelled until September. The September ones will go ahead assuming the gyms are re-opened by the start of August. These dates are by no means certain.

This month's full moon is called the "Flower moon". This year it is also a super moon. The image is an experiment using a telephoto lens strapped to the phone. You can't hold the phone in your hand for this sort of photo, there would be too much camera shake. The phone was placed on a tripod and the picture was taken using a remote control. It's nothing a telescope can't see, but it was fun.