We watched the film "28 weeks later". This film deals with the rebuilding of things after he virus has supposedly passed. There is, of course, a second wave of infections which overwhelmed the organisation trying to keep them all safe. We are looking forward to Sunday, when the Prime Minister will outline how our restrictions will be eased over the next few weeks.  We have become experts on R-numbers and infection rates.

I got involved in an online pub quiz on Sunday. I suspect I am one of the last people on the planet to do one.

We took a Sunday walk to Devil's Dyke. It's about 6km to get there and normally takes us around 1 hour 15 minutes. At the start of the walk there were loads of people on the path. The number of people decreased as we climbed the Downs. There were relatively few people at the top, and most of them had arrived on bike. The weather was disappointing; damp with low cloud and light rain. We perched on a fence with a can of beer. I think the wildlife has benefited from less human intervention, there are many flowers spread across the valley floor.

Devil's car-park has barriers over the entrance and all the outside tables and chairs have been removed. You can't help but keep gong back to the images at the start of the film "28 days later".