I haven't added anything here for 3 weeks. There just hasn't been anything to write. Nothing has changed and I carry on the same.

But now there's news. The end of the current lockdown is in sight. Schools will all re-open on 8 March. They will watch how that goes, then gyms and so on should be able to re-open on 12 April. Adults will not be allowed back until May.

The vaccine roll-out appears to be successful. They are vaccinating the vulnerable people and older people first. I am yet to be done (aged 54). I guess I must be soon. Some teachers, police and so on feel those professions should be done first, regardless of age. There may be a good point there. I can not believe re-opening schools will not lead to an increase in infections, even though the children themselves appear to suffer little effects from the virus.

There are signs of spring everywhere. We have crocuses and daffodils in the garden, and we are eating purple sprouting from the allotment. We performed the annual tree pruning last weekend. We will burn the wood pruned last winter (2019/2020) this year, having given it time to dry out. This year's pruning will be burned in 2022.