It's the first of May, everything should change. Nothing has.

There's more political noise of how we're going to get back to life again. I avoid the word "normal", I'm really not sure what that means.

Trump is trying to blame China for the plague.

The DIY shops are beginning to re-open.

Captain Tom Moore is a 100 year old veteran who raised over £30 million for the NHS through a sponsored walk around his garden. In recognition of this, he was appointed honorary colonel. I want to know why I am the only one who thinks it would have been more memorable if he had been awarded "major" rather then "colonel".

We have a delivery slot from Tesco! Hil checked and there were loads of slots available, so we took one.

Our boiler was beginning to play up. I phoned the plumber, not expecting a lot of joy. He was here the next day. It took him a while to fix things, and he was quite chatty (we obviously staid on the other side of the room). He was the first person to set foot in the house since 13 March, and this was the biggest social gathering Hil or I had been a part of in 6 weeks.

It's interesting, but I am sure the number of things breaking around the house has increased over the past 5 weeks or so. I have fixed the garage door and the cooker hood bulb over the past week.

There's a new concern that the social distancing restrictions may push members of the "Flat Earth Society" over the edge.