We finally got the barbecue lit. I had some great beef on the barbecue; thin steak cooked for a minute on each side is really hard to beat. Hil prefers meat-free sausages and fish fingers. All served with coleslaw, tomato vegetable relish and couscous.

It was brilliant to sit outside and watch the stars, while we reflected on what we have lost. We wonder about the things that will never return, and it makes us for the things we have done over these past years. We had music in the garden as well. 

Donald Trump (president of USA) suggested people could inject disinfectant or bleach in to themselves in an attempt to rid themselves of the virus. The next day he said he was being sarcastic; there is a lot of video evidence suggesting he was not. There was no apology for his stupidity, and many manufacturers of affected products found it necessary to release statements reiterating that you should never inject, ingest cleaning products. America is in a mess, with more dangers to health than viruses.

The physical challenge for the day was to wind your arms around your legs, pick up a cocktail stick and put it in your mouth. You'll need a video to understand that.