"Captain's log, day 30."

That's thirty days since I went to work, thirty days since Hil or I entered a pub, restaurant or attended any sort of social gathering (not including video calls). People are getting used to this now, whether they like it is another thing.

I drove to Sainsbury's yesterday. Clearly out of routine, I stood in the queue for a few minutes before realising I had forgotten my money and had to return home for it. At least I wasn't in the shop! Stocks inside the supermarkets are good now, yet still no flour or eggs. Locally, these things are available. I use the shopping opportunity to stock up on things like beer, wine, orange juice - the heavy things that are harder to carry from the local shops on foot.

Since we went into "lock-down", I have driven 16 miles. That's 16 miles per month rather than the 260 miles per week I was driving before 19 March. If I have done the math right, that makes 192 miles per year with a fuel usage of 17 litres per year.

The high wind over the last few days has destroyed one of our Echium, but today the weather is beautiful. Apparently, we are heading towards the driest April on record. Good reason to walk rather than take the car.