I am a gymnastics instructor (Level 4 Men's Artistic). I am also a qualified trampoline instructor (Level 2) and a gymnastics judge (National Men's Artistic). I worked at Brighton & Hove GC up until the end of 2006. I started at Hawth Gymnastics in January 2007, where I run the Men's Artistic squad. The squad is growing, and we often compete at events in the local area and across the country.

I have a degree in Agriculture. I can use a wide range of agricultural machinery from chain saws to tractors. Hil & I started an allotment in March 2009. I confess I have forgotten most of what I learned at university, however the allotment provides us both with enough vegetables to eat, and provides us with many hours of entertainment in the form of weeding and digging.

At the weekends you will often find me walking and camping with Hil (if I am not at a gymnastic competition). We both have bikes. We entered the London to Brighton Bike Ride many times over previous years to raise money for British Heat Foundation.

I host several different websites (view them here). I can program in Visual Basic (including Access). I have prepared several databases for various clients.

I have quite a bit of experience driving lorries in various industries. I also have a certificate to operate lorry mounted cranes (e.g. HIAB).

I enjoy beer, wine, music and a variety in life.