In 2020 there was an outbreak of 'flu. It started in China, and by March 2020 the WHO labelled it a pandemic.

The UK government's response was to restrict people's activities in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. These policies meant many people, myself included, were unable to go to work.

I decided I should spend some of my spare time writing this journal. There will be no theme to individual entries; just whatever I feel like writing. The images are (with a few obvious exceptions) taken within a half mile radius of our house.


At last the weather is warmer.

Saturday's personal goal was a 30 second handstand in the garden on my new paralettes.

Then a trip to the allotment. We gave the shed its annual coat of paint. It's another attempt to make the allotment look pristine for the forthcoming year, and it looks like there are many other allotment holders with the same idea.

Our daily exercise was a local walk which included a visit to the local co-op. We decided there only needs to be one of us inside the shop (it helps everyone maintain their physical distance). I sat outside like a faithful dog waiting for its owner's return.

The council has stopped collecting recycling (not enough staff) and the tips are shut. We got up early on Sunday and took ours to the local communal recycling bins. They are already pretty full, and I don't suppose it's gong to get any better in the next few weeks.

Then some gardening things (planted some seedling and made some more paralettes for a local friend). After a lunch, we took a walk into Hangleton.

The garden is beginning to look great; tulips are in bloom, the daphne is flowering and smelling beautiful, the echium is going to be great this year, the peony will be in flower next week. There will be more photos soon!

Another zoom gym session then supermarket shopping.

There was no queue at all today, and there were not so many people inside. With the notable exception of tea lights, eggs and frozen peas everything appears to be in stock as well. You are only allowed 2 of any one thing; fair enough and more than we need for a week.

People watching is rewarding. There are some who looked plain frightened, some wearing a mask, and most making a real effort to keep away from other people. Of course, there's a few who are apparently oblivious to their surrounding and the situation; one man stood in the middle of the aisle on his phone deep in conversation. It's next to impossible to get past him without coming into very close proximity.

Allotment task today is plant the potatoes. All the early potatoes are now in the ground and I fixed the newly painted plot sign back on the shed.

It's a sunny day and I'm writing this in the garden.

We had the first breakfast on the patio for 2020. I spent the afternoon re-wiring the speakers in the garden. The temperature reached 24° today.

We are quite pleased for the good weather; it seems inevitable we will be spending the majority of the bank holiday weekend in the home.

The food mixer wore out, you can hear the plastic gears inside have stripped, and the rotors no longer turn (except, of course, if you turn them by hand). I guess we have been using these devices more over the last few weeks. There's a new one on order already, demonstrating our increasing reliance on internet shopping.

The potatoes are all planted (main crop went in today). As predicted (Spring), many of the plots are looking quite a lot smarter than last year. There were quite a few plot holders there when I went down.