In 2020 there was an outbreak of 'flu. It started in China, and by March 2020 the WHO labelled it a pandemic.

The UK government's response was to restrict people's activities in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. These policies meant many people, myself included, were unable to go to work.

I decided I should spend some of my spare time writing this journal. There will be no theme to individual entries; just whatever I feel like writing. The images are (with a few obvious exceptions) taken within a half mile radius of our house.

The weekend, of course, is just like the week!

I spent some time in the garage making a set of paralettes. I'll try to use them regularly; it would be a shame to lose the ability to hold a handstand.

In the afternoon, Hil and I took a walk to the sea front. It was quite windy. It's relatively easy to maintain a physical distance of 2 metres from everyone; there are very few people out, and all of those move to the other side of the pavement / etc to lat you pass. It's all very polite and British. 

My book The Stand arrived today, which will be the next book I read. I gather sales books such as The Plague and The Eyes of Darkness have dramatically increased as well.

In the evening Hil and I enjoyed a drink in the pub (kidding... we made a pub sign on A4 paper titled "Knot on the Beach"). Then we had a posh meal (sparkling wine and everything) before watching a film.

And now it's Sunday. It's incredibly windy outside. As soon as it's died down Hil and I will have our "daily exercise". We hope to get on the Downs this afternoon.

We ordered some things from the allotment shop. Collecting them was easy; all the things were placed on a trolley outside the shop with the bill. We paid using BACS online when I go home.

From there I went to Sainsburys. An interesting thing to see; a queue of around 30 people, each clutching their trolley, standing 2 metres from the next. The British have learned to make queuing yet more civilized. I left without going in, and ended in the small local co-op. There was limited choice, so I ignored the shopping list and bought what was there. We now have so much coffee we wont need to buy it again for a month. Bananas and mushrooms appear to be plentiful as well.

Hil drove to get her mother's "click and collect" shopping later on. She describes that whole process as very civilized as well. It's probably the thing to do, but it's really hard to get a slot if you are not on the "needy" list.

So tonight's tea: an idea broadcast by Jamie Oliver. It's smoked fish pie, which is a thing we make regularly anyway, but a slightly different method.

We have started gym sessions over "Zoom". A good way of remaining physically isolated, yet socially together. It was great to see the gymnasts again. Now everyone has to video a 5 second handstand and send it in. I look forward to the results.And on the work front, I received my notice of Furlough. The next step in the process begins.

I have rarely left the house these past 2 days. There was no allotment trip yesterday, though I did go today. I am pleased the house contains the things I need and want out of life; there is little attraction in going out at times.

Retail therapy has started. We took delivery of a new drill (worn out the old one), a wobble board and some hand weights. We have quite a regular gym in the lounge now! We also ordered another web-cam, Amazon showed it as "in stock", but the delivery date is 31 May.