Monday was good weather. Hil and I took a walk as a start to the day.

Later that morning I took a trip to the supermarket; my normal Monday shopping day. It was surprisingly busy, but there was loads of fresh food. There was no flour (of any sort), eggs or toilet roll. I guess the panic buying has stopped and now we must wait for the long life products to get re-stocked.

On Monday night the government announced the next stage of restrictions. Nobody was to leave their home for any reason other than to buy food or medicine.

On Tuesday morning, I tied a long rope to the garden bench and we had a go at skipping.

We are allowed out once for one form of exercise, so long as you maintain a distance of 2 metres from everyone else. The exercise along with the need for food justified a visit to the allotment. There were quite a few people down there, all saying much the same thing, "it's OK so long as you stay away from everyone". After all, we are probably safer there than in the supermarket.