We have settled in to the routine now. A bit of house work, time on the allotment, and an early evening meal.

The shops are OK, so long as you don't want toilet roll or milk. Hil went this morning and managed to get most of the things we need.

Last night (Thursday) the whole country went to their doors at 8:00 and "clapped for carers". It was quite emotional to experience; you could hear people clapping and cheering across the valley.

The weather has been fine this week, and I have managed to send a great deal of time outside. I am so grateful for the garden, and feel sorry for those living in flats. I have planted some peas on the allotment, but need to get some net for bird protection (and the shops that sell that kind of thing are all shut).

I had a video call with Stan today. These calls are getting more common as people find ways of keeping in touch.